Emma Strain

Assistant Director for External Relations

Responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership to the GLA’s External Relations Unit (comprised of press office, marketing and digital comms, creative, events and commercial partnerships, major sporting events, digital transformation, internal comms and the public liaison unit) focusing on how the GLA engages and communicates with Londoners and ensuring they are working for the benefit of Londoners.


Emma is the Assistant Director of External Relations. Emma joined the GLA in 2011 and worked in a number of different roles in the GLA’s environment and housing teams before going on to lead the GLA’s External Relations Unit.

In October 2017, Emma also became the Authority’s statutory Monitoring Officer. Prior to this, Emma worked in programme delivery roles in Transport for London and the London Development Agency.

Before beginning her tour of the GLA group, Emma worked in the private sector, spending six years in management consultancy specialising in project and programme management across a broad range of sectors including energy, banking, telecoms and retail.