Jeff Jacobs

Head of Paid Service

Roles and responsibilities

  • Chief Officer of the GLA
  • Greater London Returning Officer
  • Executive Director of Communities and Intelligence Directorate


Jeff is a Londoner born and bred and is passionate about working for London.

Jeff was previously Chief Executive of the Government Olympic Executive at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport where he led the government team which helped win London the 2012 Olympic bid and delivered the organisational arrangements to carry construction forward. In this role he worked closely with the GLA as a key partner.

On joining the GLA in 2007 Jeff was a Senior Adviser in the Mayor’s Office and subsequently became the Director of Transition after the Election in May 2008.

Jeff’s previous recent roles have included Director General (Children, Young People and Communities) at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport; and Executive Director of Policy and Partnerships at the GLA. Prior to that he had 20 years experience as a Senior Civil Servant. Among his more recent roles, he was Director of Town and County Planning in the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, and Principal Private Secretary to John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister from the May 1997 General Election.

Jeff was educated at primary school in Shoreditch and went on to Enfield Grammar School. He subsequently joined the Civil Service as a raw 16 year old clerical officer – a factor which encouraged him to return to education and take the class to class Civil Service exams which led him into the Senior Civil Service.

Jeff is married with two children and lives in London.