Will Walden (past staff)

Director of Communications and the Mayor's Official Spokesman

Role and responsibilities

  • developing and leading the media and communications strategy and policy development to support the priorities and objectives of the Mayor


Will Walden is the Mayor's Director of Communications and External Affairs. He is also the Mayor's Chief Spokesman.

Walden, a 20 year veteran of print and broadcast media, joined the team at the start of the Mayor Boris Johnson's second term.

He's responsible for the strategic direction of the Mayor's vision, achievements and goals, and the communication and marketing of that strategy to the people of London, stakeholders across the City and the media, both within London and across the national press.

Walden began his career as a reporter in local newspapers before moving to commercial radio and has worked extensively as a reporter, producer and editor across local, regional and national television and radio, for the BBC, ITN, GMTV and Granada.

He left his job as the BBC’s Westminster News Editor to join the Mayor. At the BBC he ran day to day coverage of political news, working closely with the BBC's Political Editor Nick Robinson, for six years. Will previously spent three years as the Corporation's senior producer in Washington DC, and prior to that he was the BBC's senior political producer for the then Political Editor Andrew Marr.


Job description


Director of Communications and External Affairs