Will Walden (past staff) - gifts and hospitality

Date Gifted Details Donor / Provider
22 January 2016 Attendance at The Sun Military Awards The Sun
Date Gifted Details Donor / Provider
10 November 2015 Lunch event Orcam and Apos Therapy
09 November 2015 Hotel Room Upgrade 9-11 November 2015 Hotel King David, Jerusalem
08 November 2015 Upgrade in Hotel Intercontinental Tel Aviv Hotel Intercontinental
16 September 2015 Evening Standard Influentials Reception The Evening Standard
30 June 2015 Lunch Peter Dominiczak, Political Editor, Daily Telegraph
25 June 2015 Lunch Tim Shipman, Political Editor, Sunday Times
23 January 2015 Lunch Governors of Erbil, Duhok and Sulemani
22 January 2015 Dinner PM Kurdistan
21 January 2015 Return Flight from Farnborough to Kurdistan Kurdistan Government
Date Gifted Details Donor / Provider
02 December 2014 Dinner with prospective investors in London Khazanah
01 December 2014 Lunch SP Setia
16 October 2014 Evening Standard London Influentials Reception Evening Standard
30 September 2014 Lunch (at the Conservative Party Conference) Victoria Newton, Editor The Sun on Sunday
05 August 2014 Dinner Murdoch MacLennan (CEO Telegraph Media Group)
13 July 2014 Tickets and hospitality for Royal International Air Tattoo. Julie King Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Finmeccanica (Aerospace Industry)
03 July 2014 Lunch meeting James Rea and Tom Cheal LBC
26 June 2014 Lunch meeting Esme Wren and Anushka Asthana Sky News
19 June 2014 Lunch meeting James Chapman Daily Mail
18 June 2014 Drinks meeting David Wooding The Sun
17 June 2014 Breakfast meeting Karl Mercer BBC
15 May 2014 Lunch Meeting Tom Newton Dunn and Steve Hawkes - The Sun
01 May 2014 Lunch Guto Harri (News UK)
09 April 2014 Dinner discussion with Jane Groom (London Communications Agency) Jane Groom London Communications Agency
09 April 2014 Lunch Discussion with the Mayor and Steve Auckland (Metro) Steve Auckland (Metro)
08 April 2014 Lunch Discussion with the Mayor, Paul Waugh and Sam Macrory (Total Politics) Paul Waugh and Sam Macrory (Total Politics)
10 March 2014 Airport Transfers Reed Midem
10 March 2014 MIPIM Delegate Registration Reed Midem
26 February 2014 Dinner meeting Benedict Brogan - Telegraph
06 February 2014 Dinner meeting Jason Seikin and Chris Evans - Telegraph
03 February 2014 Lunch meeting Martin Ivens - Sunday Times and Anne McElvoy - Evening Standard
22 January 2014 Dinner Wall St Journal (Thurold Barker)
13 January 2014 Lunch Tom Bradby - Journalist
Date Gifted Details Donor / Provider
14 October 2013 Drinks Recption Leo Lewis (The Times)
14 October 2013 Drinks Reception Sir Michael Hintze
13 October 2013 Dinner Reignwood, Beijing Reignwood
26 September 2013 Lunch meeting to discuss matters of mutual interests David Wooding, The Sun
25 September 2013 Lunch meeting to discuss matters of mutual interest Kamal Ahmed, Daily Telegraph
19 September 2013 Evening reception, Evening Standard Power List 2013 Evening Standard
12 September 2013 Lunch meeting Alex Chandler and Simon Harris (ITN)
28 July 2013 Ticket and hospitality for athletics meeting LLDC
27 July 2013 Ticket and hospitality for athletics meeting LLDC
26 July 2013 Ticket and hospitality for athletics meeting LLDC
14 July 2013 Tickets Wireless Festival London Legacy Development Corporation
13 July 2013 Concert Tickets (Rolling Stones) Royal Parks
04 May 2013 Football match and lunch (THFC). Donna Cullen (THFC)
01 May 2013 Lunch meeting. Tom Newton-Dunn (The Sun)
27 March 2013 Lunch meeting Tim Shipman- Daily Mail & Oliver Wright - Independent
15 March 2013 Lunch at official speaking engagement (Mayor) Paris Franco-British Chamber of Commerce Paris
14 March 2013 Lunch at British Embassy Paris Sir Peter Ricketts, British Ambassador
13 March 2013 Dinner London Communications Agency (at MIPIM in Cannes)
05 March 2013 Lunch Rob Watts- Sunday Telegraph
05 February 2013 Lunch Robert Gordon Clarke- London Communications Agency
02 February 2013 Attendance at Rugby Match (Twickenham) CEO of Engalnd Rugby
31 January 2013 Lunch Simon Walters Mail on Sunday
25 January 2013 British Business Leaders Lunch Accenture/BT/HSBC/WPP
17 January 2013 London Government Dinner City of London
09 January 2013 Dinner Tony Gallagher
Date Gifted Details Donor / Provider
28 November 2012 Drinks reception, Mumbai (for England Cricket team and senior Indian business representatives) British High Commission
27 November 2012 Reception with Indian business leaders. Hotel Taj Krisna, Hyderabad Young Presidents Organisation, Hyderabad Chapter
26 November 2012 Lunch with Indian print editors at The Oberoi Hotel, Delhi Genesis BM
21 November 2012 Lunch (Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year) The Spectator
09 October 2012 Lunch at Tory Party Conference Sarah Sands/ Joe Murphy from Evening Standard
07 September 2012 Lunch Giles Winn
11 August 2012 Saturday night athletics at Olympic Stadium GLA
03 August 2012 Evening at the Mayor of London's pod in Hyde Park GLA
26 July 2012 Hyde Park Torch Event and concert GLA
25 July 2012 Opening ceremony rehersal and hospitality GLA
13 July 2012 Lunch John Pienaar