Healthy Early Years London privacy policy

This page was updated on: 18 October 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) is one of the biggest changes to data privacy law in recent years. It is designed to put you in control of how your information is collected and used by organisations. We want to help you to understand these rights and exercise them as easily as possible.  

The GLA needs you to provide certain personal information about yourself in order for you to register with Healthy Early Years London (HEYL).  Please take the time to review this statement carefully as it sets out how your personal data will be processed when you register with HEYL. 
Read more about Your Privacy Rights under the current data protection legislation, or contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any questions about this privacy statement.

HEYL members are required to provide their name and contact details, and to set a unique password for their account.  This is so we can create and administer your HEYL account. 

The following information about your setting will be published on the HEYL website: 

  • your setting name;
  • the London Borough in which your setting is based; and
  • the City and postcode of where the setting is located

Please note that if you use your own name as the setting name, this will mean that your name will also be published. The setting name provided will also appear on your awarded HEYL Certificates.

You will be able to log-in and amend your details at any time. If you no longer wish to appear on the HEYL website and want your details to be removed and deleted, please contact healthyearlyyears[email protected]

Under the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, the GLA is only allowed to use personal information if we have a proper reason or 'legal basis' to do so. In the case of HEYL, your personal data is processed because it is a public task carried out in the public interest.

The Mayor has a statutory duty, through his Health Inequalities Strategy, to promote improvements in the health and wellbeing of Londoners and to work towards a reduction in health inequalities in London.  The Greater London Authority Act provides a legal basis for HEYL and it is necessary for us to process certain personal data to perform this public interest task. HEYL collects this personal data in order to help, support and promote achievements in child health amongst those working with young people.

If you would like to contact us with your views about our privacy practices, or with any enquiry relating to your personal information, email [email protected]  Please see our Your Privacy Rights page for more information.

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