Juliemma McLoughlin

Chief Planner, Development, Enterprise and Environment


Juliemma is the Chief Planner at the GLA and arrived from London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in April 2017. She has delivered several policy documents, SPDs and the borough's Local Plan Review. She has been responsible for leading strategic development and regeneration in the complex urban environments of two of the world’s greatest cities (London and Sydney).

Juliemma is currently advising the Mayor of London at the GLA on a new London Plan and strategic development opportunities across the capital, and is keen to promote the opportunities that London presents as a vibrant major world city. Delivery of the new London Plan and key Mayoral strategy documents will be the focus of the GLA Planning Unit over the next 18 months.

Juliemma has previously worked in partnership with the GLA, OPDC, neighbouring boroughs and key developers to unlock large scale development in west London.  Over the course of the last ten years she has been responsible for delivering the borough’s regeneration and growth agenda which has involved managing an unprecedented number of projects including regionally significant schemes within very tight time frames.  Examples of the schemes that have moved through the planning process and into delivery include Westfield Shopping Centre and new extension, BBC TV centre, Earls Court Opportunity Area, Imperial College White City Campus, and LBHF Town Hall Civic Campus.