Rickardo Hyatt

Assistant Director, Housing


Rickardo, working in a job-share with Heather Juman as Head of Area, is responsible for driving the delivery of affordable housing in South London, managing strategic relationships with 11 South London boroughs and a portfolio of development partners including housing associations, private developers and other stakeholders. He has overseen the delivery of a number of development projects on GLA owned land, including Greenwich Square, Catford Stadium in Lewisham and Cane Hill in Croydon.

With over 12 years in housing, Rickardo has an in-depth knowledge of housing policy, affordable housing investment and land and property. He leads the Housing and Land Directorate’s new business activities and specialises in the structuring of recoverable investment to prepare land for housing delivery.

Rickardo joined the GLA in 2012, having previously worked in programme delivery and project management roles in the Housing Corporation and the Homes and Communities Agency (now Homes England).