Ethnicity pay gap report 2018

Developing a workforce which reflects the city it serves is a key priority for the Greater London Authority. In March 2018 the GLA was one of the first organisations to publish their ethnicity pay gap. The GLA is fully determined to tackle inequality in any form and publishing the ethnicity pay gap supports that aim.  

The Mayor has led by example in publishing this data and is committed, not only to recognise pay inequality and seek to address it at the GLA and its functional bodies, but to encourage businesses in the capital to follow this lead. Since the publication of the report the GLA has called on Government to make ethnicity pay gap reporting mandatory, in the way that it is for gender. The Government has now launched a public consultation on this very issue.  

In this time the GLA has also developed its first ethnicity pay gap action plan, which sets out a programme of activity aimed at closing the ethnicity pay gap in the GLA. The plan should be read alongside the findings of this report.


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