Salaries, expenses, benefits and workforce information

We are committed to being open about how much the Mayor, his team, Assembly Members and our staff are paid, any expenses they claim and any benefits they receive. From this page you can access this information and find out more about our organisational structure.

The Mayor and Assembly Members

The Mayor and the 25 London Assembly Members receive an annual salary and, on retirement, a pension. They are also entitled in certain circumstances to a resettlement grant payment when they leave office.

Under the GLA Act, the Mayor and Members set their own levels of pay, resettlement grant and pension benefits. This is done within a framework the Mayor and Assembly agreed following a review by the independent Review Body on Senior Salaries.

The Mayor’s salary is £152,734. The salary of an Assembly Member is currently £58,543 per year, except for the Statutory Deputy Mayor which is £105,269 and the Chair of the Assembly which is £70,225.

Those Assembly Members who are MPs receive a two-thirds abatement to their salary.

Transparency information

The Mayor’s and Assembly Members’ salaries are published on their profile pages together with the details of expenses and taxable benefits they receive.

Our approach to expenses and benefits is described in our Expenses and Benefits Framework (PDF).

Our staff, including the Mayoral Team

We aim to ensure a fair and proportionate rate of pay for staff that reflects the work they do. We also aim to pay salaries that match those of our competitors in central London and help us retain staff.

Our annual Pay Policy Statement (PDF) describes how we go about doing that, including details of our pay structure, reward strategy and the pay ratios between our highest and lower paid staff.

Staff may claim expenses, again in line with our Expenses and Benefits Framework, but do not claim taxable benefits.

Transparency information

Every 12 months we publish, for Deputy Mayors, Mayoral Advisors and senior staff, details of:

  • how much each was paid in the past financial year
  • any contributions we made to their pensions
  • their budget and the number of staff who report to them
  • their role

We also publish a table showing how many members of staff were paid more than £50,000 in the preceding year, broken down into £5,000 bands.

This data was updated in July 2017, and like other relevant information on this page, are published in-line with Government’s Local Government Transparency Code.

If you want to find this year’s salaries and details of expenses for the Mayoral Team, you can do so via their individual profile pages.

The salaries of our Corporate Management Team are available via their profile pages. Other staff salary information can be found on the organisational charts below.

Staff expenses, together with expenses and benefits claimed by the Mayor and Assembly Members, are reported regularly to the Audit Panel.

We also publish a table detailing the representation of equalities groups according to salary level. Download this data as at 31 March 2019.

Organisational structure

The organisational chart below reflects the structure of our directorates. 

The Mayor's team can be viewed on our Mayoral team page.

You can also download our salary scales (PDF).

Our statutory officers

There are three statutory officers that we must employ and who have particular functions. They are our Head of Paid Service, Monitoring Officer and Chief Finance Officer. Their roles and appointment process is set down in our Protocol for Statutory Officers (PDF).

Our Head of Paid Service is our most senior official and has powers to appoint staff, after consulting with the Mayor and Assembly. The Head of Paid Service Staffing Protocol (PDF) outlines these powers and the circumstances in which, and to whom, they are delegated.

Gender and ethnicity pay gap

The Mayor’s manifesto contained a commitment to publish both a gender and an ethnicity pay audit for the GLA and its functional bodies with a requirement that work is undertaken to narrow any gaps.

Read the gender pay gap audit - March 2019 data

Read the gender pay gap audit - March 2018 data

Read the gender pay audit - March 2017 data.

Read the ethnicity pay gap report - March 2019 data

Read the ethnicity pay gap report - March 2018 data

Read the ethnicity pay gap report - March 2017 data

Workforce reports

Workforce Reports are produced every six months for the periods ending 31 March and 30 September. They are reported to the GLA Oversight Committee and contain a range of employment statistics.

Note that:

  • figures are to the nearest whole number, with the exception of turnover, and may not therefore sum to 100 per cent
  • the data and figures include all permanent and fixed term employees as at the dates indicated
  • the data exclude the Mayor and Assembly Members
  • unless otherwise stated, figures are derived from our HR system

Download workforce reports (PDFs) covering the periods:

The GLA regularly surveys its staff to understand their views about working for the authority and how we can make it an even better place to work.

Download Your Voice GLA Results 2017 (PDF)

Trade union activity

The Local Government Transparency Code requires us to publish information about the numbers of our staff engaged in trade union activity (‘Trade Union Facility Time’ or TUFT).

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