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Publication from Caroline Russell: Lorry Distribution Park in West Silvertown

Date published: 
06 August 2019

Lorry Distribution Park in West Silvertown

Amanda Reid
London Borough of Newham


Lorry Distribution Park in West Silvertown

Planning ref: 19/01776/FUL


Dear Amanda,


I am writing to object to the proposed development of a large-scale Lorry Distribution Park in West Silvertown.


The proposal to construct a 3-storey 40,473sqm storage and distribution warehouse (Use Class B8) on land at Central Thameside West North Woolwich Road, Silvertown, E16 2AB will significantly and detrimentally affect residents in the local area and beyond.


This twenty-four hour logistics facility will generate thousands more vehicle movements per day on the local road network, an area that is already heavily impacted by air and noise pollution.


There will be an additional 2,520 large goods vehicle movements, plus 961 car movements every day. This area is primarily a residential area, containing thousands of homes, four schools, pre-schools and nurseries. This is wholly unacceptable.


Figures from Public Health England in 2017 show that seven in every 100 deaths of people over the age of 30 years in Newham were linked to long term exposure to air pollution.


Air quality impacts cannot, and should not, be mitigated with money through a S106 agreement:


Planning Statement - Air Quality


An Air Quality Assessment, and associated ES Chapter, have also been submitted as part of the application. These documents demonstrate that: • Air quality impacts during both the construction and operational phases of the development are not deemed to be significant. The only exception to this relates to the potential residual effect of road traffic and plant emissions impacts from the development (albeit in this instance, it has been identified that this impact can be offset through the use of a a relevant air quality payment, the scope of which can be agreed and secured through the S106 agreement in due course).


 Therefore, overall, it has been assessed that air quality impacts can be suitably mitigated, following the introduction of relevant designed-in measures within the scheme and through a suitable air quality payment to offset impacts.


Noise incidents will be over a whole 24 hour period and will add to an already noise polluted soundscape caused by London City Airport, the DLR and current traffic.


The application also does not appear to fully satisfy the Newham Local Plan 2018.


Yours sincerely,


Caroline Russell

Green Party Member of the London Assembly

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