Environment Committee

The Environment Committee looks at what additional measures could be taken to help improve the quality of life for Londoners and investigates topics ranging from airport expansion and burst water mains, to noise from the Night Tube and the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles.

Current investigations

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft noise remains a serious issue and will inevitably be a greater problem if airports increase their traffic. We have identified the following key actions that London and its airports need to undertake to reduce the far too high levels of disturbance to daily lives.

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Tube Dust

The accumulation of dust in the sub-surface section of the Underground is commonly referred to as tunnel or tube dust. Tube dust has been of concern for some time due to the potential health risks it  could pose for both passengers and workers.

The London Assembly Environment Committee is investigating the level of tube dust on the London Underground and the impact it is having on public health.

Recent actions

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Previous work on air pollution

Environment Committee members

Contact the Environment Committee

If you have a media enquiry relating to the Committee please contact:                 

Communications Officer: Aoife Nolan[email protected] 020 7983 4067

If you have a query about the Committee and its work please contact:

Scrutiny Manager: Daniella Davila Aquije, [email protected], 020 7984 2850

Committee Officer: Lauren Harvey, [email protected] , 020 7983 4383                                   

To speak to the Mayor's Office about environmental issues, please contact: 020 7983 4000

Committee meetings

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