1 day left to see Hans Haacke's Gift Horse on the Fourth Plinth

05 September 2016

Unveiled back in March 2015, Hans Haacke's Gift Horse will be taken down from the Fourth Plinth on 6 September. If you were planning to see it, you'll need to act quickly as there's only 1 day left to see it!

What is Gift Horse about?

Gift Horse is based on an etching by the famous English painter George Stubbs. Tied to the horse’s front leg is an electronic ribbon displaying live the ticker of the London Stock Exchange, completing the link between power, money and history.

The next piece to go up onto the Fourth Plinth will be David Shrigley’s Really Good - a seven-metre-high hand giving a thumbs up cast in bronze.

As a goodbye to Gift Horse, here is a round up of some of our favourite images on instagram.

@focusing.jules captures the night before the unveiling


So what's going to replace the big blue cock tomorrow then? #fourthplinth #London #trafalgarsquare

A photo posted by Julian (@focusing.jules) on


@anthonyrfox snaps the Press getting their first shots


@theeconomist gets a front row shot of the unveiling


The sun rises over Gift Horse and Trafalgar Square by @bjnkemp


#Sunrise over #GiftHorse in #TrafalgarSquare #London #FourthPlinth #horse #statue #HansHaacke #Londres #travel

A photo posted by Brendan Kemp (@bjnkemp) on


@petershort68 shows off Gift Horse in a dramatic night scene


#london # trafalgar square #fourthplinth #publicart # horse # skeleton #nightscene

A photo posted by pete (@petershort68) on


@ronniebanj gives Gift Horse a golden aura


@sassysu frames Gift Horse with spring flowers


@miss_marie_l brings a timeless feel with this black and white shot


The #gifthorse is here #fourthplinth #trafalgarsquare

A photo posted by Marie L (@miss_marie_l) on


A rare double rainbow moment on Trafalgar Square captured by @lydsantonuik


Beautiful London #rainbow #umbrella #gifthorse #hanshaacke #trafalgarsquare #fourthplinth #friday #londonlife #nofilter

A photo posted by Lydia Miller (@lydsantonuik) on


Blue skies surrounds GIft Horse by @yheypy


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