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1500 electric vehicle charging points to be installed across London

03 August 2017

There are soon to be 1500 new electric vehicle charging points installed across London.

The new residential charge points will help those without access to off-street parking to make the switch from polluting vehicles to zero-emission vehicles. They will add to the network of rapid charge points TfL is installing by the end of 2020.

The £4.5m investment, across 25 boroughs, will make electric vehicles an easier and more practical option for Londoners.

It’s a major step towards the Mayor’s vision for the capital to have zero carbon transport. And a boost to the mission of cleaning London's air.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said:

This substantial investment in electric charging points will make a real difference, making electric vehicles an easier and more practical option for Londoners across our city. We have a bold ambition to make London’s transport system zero emission by 2050, and working with boroughs to roll out more charging infrastructure is a vital part of making this a reality.

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