BuddyHub helps older people stay connected

23 May 2018

If you care about loneliness in the older generation then read on to see how you can get involved with BuddyHub. They have a novel way of keeping older people connected to their communities.

Catherine McClen, CEO and Founder of BuddyHub, explains;

It is believed that pre-historic mankind lived together in small, close, intergenerational communities, hunting and gathering and supporting one another for survival – and for the good of the community. Fast forward to the present day, however, and we are pretty much living in the age of isolation. More of us are living alone, working alone and spending our leisure time alone. As social animals, we need to be connected to one another and feel that we belong to a group which can support us. Our earliest ancestors had already taught us this. 

BuddyHub addresses this need for connection
We all get lonely from time to time, but today there are reportedly 1.2m million people over the age of 65 who feel chronically lonely in the UK, often with no meaningful relationships to speak of. This can particularly affect older people who may be isolated due to decreased mobility and loss of friends and partners, leading to a form of involuntary solitary confinement. This is where you and BuddyHub can help!

Do something good in your community
BuddyHub has created a novel way you can help older people live well as they age, by creating new friendships. You will be carefully matched to a Senior Member and to two other Buddies, who all live no more than a 30-minute walk away. Together, you will form a social circle, called the ‘Friendship Wheel’.

You would spend time with your senior friend, either one-to-one or as a group. What really matters is enjoying the company of your new friends. 

When and where to meet is up to you! And so is what you do, whether it’s strolling around an art gallery or watching major sporting events on television. This flexible model helps volunteering fit into everyone's busy lives, and having two other Buddies to share the visits with helps relieve any pressure.

The difference you can make 
When you join BuddyHub, you can really transform someone’s world. And you’re not only bringing happiness to an older person, but you yourself will feel more valued and connected to your community. Here are a few testimonials from Senior Members and Buddies:

“I’m getting back to living and not just functioning. I’m starting to do the things I was interested in before. It’s like I’ve woken up.”

“I was matched with a gentleman I never would have met in the normal course of life. It's been my pleasure to spend time with him talking about life and our different experiences"

“It just lifts that fog of loneliness to have someone to chat with and that’s what we, as a team of Buddies, have helped provide”.

So, there you have it. You’re doing good in just one hour whilst building up your own social circle. Join the BuddyHub community today!

 To find out more about BuddyHub take a look at the opportunity on our volunteering website, or get in touch with us

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