Celebrating our biggest and most inspiring year so far

09 February 2018

Crowdfund London helps communities to come together to propose, fund and deliver new ideas to improve our city. Last year we saw a fantastic mix of projects brought to life through the hard work and commitment of Londoners. We also witnessed a new wave of campaigns for fresh ideas, marking our most successful round of the programme to date.

Mayor backs winners!

We’re pleased to say that 22 out of 25 campaigns backed by Crowdfund London last summer went on to reach their fundraising targets.

The Mayor of London pledged £378,000 and another £680,000 was raised from more than 3,500 crowd pledges!

Crowdfund London supports fresh ideas that aspire to achieve a wider social good. Successful campaigns include everything from street markets and parks to libraries and art spaces.

We have invested a total of £1.14m in 77 campaigns through Crowdfund London, some £3m of projects to improve communities.

We also saw a further 11 campaigns that didn't receive a pledge from City Hall, go on successfully to fundraise their budgets – a testament to Londoners backing ideas that they want to see happen.

International acclaim for Crowdfund London

Your commitment, enthusiasm and success has led to international recognition for the programme and its ambitions. In 2017, we featured in numerous reports looking at innovation in technology, the sharing economy and innovative delivery models for city projects.

We spoke to the UN, the World Economic Forum and researchers at home looking to understand how this kind of approach can lead to better cities and more resilient communities.

What’s next? And how to get involved in 2018

  • We’ll be launching this year’s Crowdfund London programme in spring. To keep up to date, sign up for our newsletter
  • We’ll offer up to £50,000 to live crowdfunding campaigns to improve communities, see some of the examples here
  • Find resources to start planning your local project

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