City Hall publish funding data on 360Giving

01 August 2018

The Mayor is committed to being as transparent as possible about the capital's funding data. This is why City Hall will be joining over 80 other organisations in publishing grant and funding data through the 360 Giving Initiative. This will help drive better decision-making throughout London, and ultimately support civil society. 
360Giving is a charity which aims to improve transparency in grant-giving, in an open and standardised format. And as a large funder within London, this is an opportunity for City Hall to lead by example, to contribute to 360Giving's aim of building a more complete picture of grantmaking, and to take a definitive step to make its public data open and accessible to all. 
The public will be able to see the breadth of funding available from City Hall, what projects the GLA fund, and thus enable them to make more targeted applications themselves. 
360Giving has a free-to-use platform GrantNav, which enables users to search, compare and download data from 360Giving. This allows anyone to explore how grants are used, areas of common funding and funding gaps.  

The GLA has given out approximately £435m in funding since 2014. Visit the 360Giving page to find out more. 

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