Creating a safer city for all Londoners

08 June 2017

The safety and security of Londoners is the Mayor’s first priority. Here are some of the things he’s been doing to make London a safer city for everyone.

1. A new Police and Crime Plan for London

The Mayor’s plan sets out a four-year strategy for a better police service. It aims to restore real neighbourhood policing, puts victims of crime at the heart of what we do, and creates a safer city for everyone in London. It also promises extra protection and support for children and young people, for tackling violence against women and girls and for standing together against hatred and intolerance.

2. More money for policing

Through his budget, the Mayor has increased his share of funding for policing by £27.8m to £621.6m. He has also called on the government to increase the budget for policing in London. 

3. Real neighbourhood policing

Neighbourhood policing is the bedrock of all of our efforts to keep London safe. That’s why we are putting an extra dedicated police officer in each of London’s 629 local wards by the end of 2017. Wherever you live in London, this will help to keep your neighbourhood safe and confident. 

4. Preparing London for a terror attack

It’s crucial that the capital has the resources it needs to be able to respond in the event of an attack. Last year the Mayor approved an extra 600 armed officers for London and commissioned Lord Toby Harris to carry out a review into London’s terror preparedness. The police and other agencies have already completed over a third of the recommendations, with others in train. 

5. A new strategy to tackle knife crime

Carrying knives will not be tolerated on London’s streets.The Mayor is targeting those who carry weapons, placing officers in schools to educate young people about the dangers of carrying a knife, and working with retailers to explore what more can be done to tackle the underage sale of knives. He’ll publish his Knife Crime Strategy later this month.

6. London’s first independent Victims’ Commissioner

They’ll work with central government, police and justice services to ensure victims’ voices are heard.

7. Supporting young victims of abuse

Working together with NHS England, the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime has secured £7.2m Home Office funding to open the UK’s first two Child Houses. These Houses will offer medical, investigative and emotional support in one place to victims of child sexual abuse, removing the need for young victims to go through the trauma of repeating their statement several times to different agencies.

To hear what’s next for policing and safety in London, listen to the State of London Debate.

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