Creating a shared vision for Old Oak and Park Royal

24 October 2016

OPDC hosts its first planning seminar for the area

In September we hosted our first Planning Seminar with landowners, developers, consultants, the three surrounding Boroughs and other key delivery partners.

One of the key aims of these seminars is to build the good working relationships needed to develop the 140 hectares of land within OPDC’s boundary area. Of which, 97 hectares is Brownfield land.

Brownfield land is very complicated to build on and the area around Old Oak in west London is a particular challenge because it is currently used as industrial land and largely consists of train tracks, train sidings and roads that carve up the land to create a disjointed and inaccessible part of London.

OPDC’s role is to provide strategic direction and overview of the vast site by working as a comprehensive body and the unifying agent with the numerous landowners.

Seminar attendees heard from the OPDC planning team who talked about the key findings of the draft Local Plan consultation, explained how the consultation submittals – along with 40 additional commissioned studies and on-going community activities – are informing the plans and vision for the future of Old Oak and Park Royal.

A number of different teams from OPDC presented throughout the afternoon and the overriding theme was a clear desire to create a shared vision with all our stakeholders. These shared goals and ideals will then ensure the development of Old Oak will become a place that seamlessly connects to the neighbouring parts of west London, such as Harlesden and White City, but also weaves into the existing fabric and identity of London.

We are passionate about the project and are committed to ensuring that everyone involved in the land, building and eventual construction agrees with the exciting vision, for both current and future residents and businesses in the area. The seminar provided a good start to opening up the communication channels and relationships that will grow and evolve over the 30+ year project.

Just in case you missed them, here are some Tweets from the event:

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