Crowdfund London: Mayor announces the 25 projects he is backing in 2017

24 July 2017

The Mayor has announced the 25 community-led projects he is backing as part of the Crowdfund London crowdfunding programme.

These include light installations, cinemas, markets, art spaces, parks, libraries, musical productions, London's answer to New York's Highline and much more.

Now that the Mayor has pledged, it's over to you to ensure the projects reach their targets.


Which of the 25 projects will you support?


1. A new neighbourhood hub for Elephant

Two people gardening in a community space
Southwark (£15,000)

Underused parking garages will be transformed into a neighbourhood hub for both work and play.

Find out more: a new neighbourhood hub for the Elephant 

2. A space for art and nature

People gardening
Southwark (£10,000)

A project to transform a car park into a garden and art studio for people with a learning disability.

Find out more: a space for art and nature

3. An Oak Sculpture Trail for Furzedown!

Children working on a wooden sculpture
Wandsworth (£5,000)

Create sculptures from a felled local tree, forming a trail.

Find out more: an Oak Sculpture Trail for Furzedown!

4. Art Academy Takeover Newington Library

Newington Library
Southwark (£12,500)

The currently vacant Newington Library will host public art courses, talks, exhibitions and events.

Find out more: Art Academy takeover Newington Library

5. Camden Highline

Camden Highline highstreet plan
Camden (£2,500)

A disused railway will be transformed into a public park and pedestrian green link between Kings Cross and Camden Town.

Find out more: Camden Highline

6. Charlton Street Market

Chalton Street Market food stall
Camden (£15,000)

This project will improve the market environment, aiming to build a stronger intergenerational economic and social hub for the area

Find out more: Charlton Street Market

7. Create a Suburban Farm for Tolworth

Tolworth urban farm
 Kingston Upon Thames (£5,000)

Launch a suburban farming project and generate food for the local area.

Find out more: Create a Suburban Farm for Tolworth

8. Creating the Shine Cafe, Turnpike Lane

An art class at the Shine Cafe
Haringey (£9,000)

'Shine Cafe'  will be a new coffee shop providing training and income for at-risk locals.

Find out more: Creating the Shine Cafe, Turnpike Lane

9. Creative Community Space for Catford

Creative community space for Catford plan
Lewisham (£25,000)

A local film set company will bring a derelict space back to life.

Find out more: Creative Community Space for Catford

10. Cricklewood Library

Cricklewood Library activity plans
Brent (£40,000)

A new library and community hub will be created on the ground floor of a new housing development.

Find out more: Cricklewood Library

11. Croydon's Anthem for Peace

Orchestra performing
Croydon (£1,000)

A peace-themed musical score and a large scale community performance in Croydon.

Find out more: Croydon's Anthem for Peace

12. Crystal Palace Library of Things

People borrowing and working with equipment from the Library of Things
Lambeth (£3,000)

Borrow useful items from the Library Hub in Crystal Palace.

Find out more: Crystal Palace Library of Things

13. East London Makerspace (ELM)

Wooden products made from waste
Tower Hamlets (£25,000)

The transformation of underused garages in East London into an 'eco' Makerspace.

East London Makerspace (ELM)

14. GLOW: Barking and Dagenham Light Festival

Children at a light festival
Barking and Dagenham (£10,000)

Local people in Barking and Dagenham will create a light festival, providing learning and employment opportunities. 

Find out more: GLOW: Barking & Dagenham Light Festival

15. Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm

Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm
Ealing (£10,000)

A derelict site will be transformed into a farm project creating an orchard, vineyard and bee aviary.

Find out more: Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm

16. Hoxton Hall Youth Music Shout Out!

Young performers at Hoxton Hall
Hackney (£13,500)

Young people can learn new creative skills in web design, music production and more at Hoxton Hall.

Find out more: Hoxton Hall Youth Music Shout Out!

17. Ladywell Self-Build Community Space

Residents on the site of the future community space
Lewisham (£30,000)

A Community Land Trust intends to self-build a local community space.

Find out more: Ladywell Self-Build Community Space

18. Our Village Garden Triangle

Rayners Lane
Harrow (£15,000)

A new 'village garden' for Rayner's Lane to facilitate community events.

Find out more: Our Village Garden Triangle


19. RIOgeneration

The RIO cinema
Hackney (£40,000)

An iconic and much loved local art deco cinema will be refurbished. 

Find out more: RIOgeneration (Hackney)


20. Sayes Court: The Future of the Garden

The Future of the Garden plan
Lewisham (£20,000)

A project to explore a park's history and invite the local community to be a part of its future.

Find out more: Sayes Court: The Future of the Garden


21. Southall Light Show

Southall Light Show participant
Ealing (£12,500)

Light installations will create an arts trail across Southall to celebrate its cultural diversity and local heritage.

Find out more: Southall Light Show


22. Sustainable Food at Sustainable Bankside

People discussing outside
Southwark (£40,000)

Affordable space for food start-ups will sit alongside a food lab co-designed with the community.

Find out more: Sustainable Food at Sustainable Bankside


23. Teenage Markets come to Barnet

Teenagers selling at the market
Barnet (£30,000)

Stalls and a sound stage will be offered to young people wanting to showcase their ideas.

Find out more: Teenage Markets come to Barnet


24. The Brixton Pound Cafe

The Brixton Pound Cafe
Lambeth (£4,000)

Better deliver events and workshops as part of a more accessible hub for local people.

Find out more: The Brixton Pound Café


25. Tottenham Cafe Connect

Tottenham's Café Connect
Haringey (£25,000)

Creating a new multi-purpose community hub and café by refurbishing a disused bowling club building.

Find out more:Tottenham's Café Connect



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