The crowdfunding revolution continues

14 December 2016

Deputy Mayor of Planning, Regeneration and Skills, Jules Pipe, recently hosted an event to look at how public crowdfunding can bring new life to urban areas. Gavin McLaughlin, Communications Officer for the Mayor's Regeneration team, explains more...

City Hall has been developing the Mayor's Civic Crowdfunding Programme which explores how crowdfunding can get people more involved in regenerating their local area.

At this event we explored how best to coordinate activities so that they have the most impact:

Community groups which come together on civic projects will go on to do more for their local area and we believe this is a great way for communities and businesses to build new networks of support, experience and expertise.

At City Hall, we can amplify the civic enterprise of Londoners and build a vision for London’s future development that puts people at the heart of efforts to shape their city. Our programme also provides a new way for London’s communities to realise their ideas for a better city. It offers a powerful mix of public, private and local support. 

Already, we’ve helped support a brilliant range of projects to benefit communities across London. We’re also learning how lots of small projects can make a big social impact. And, we’re only starting to understand the wider potential of this approach. It will be amazing to progress further in the New Year with up to £500,000 of new funding available.

We’ll be launching  a new round of the programme in early 2017 and we’re looking forward to working with our partners to promote this opportunity as widely as possible. That way, we hope even more Londoners can take part.

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