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22 February 2017

This week my first budget as Mayor was passed by the London Assembly. It sets out my plans to ensure all Londoners get the opportunities that our city gave to me, and how I’ll meet my promise to be a Mayor for all Londoners.

Here are nine things my budget will do:

1. Fund the genuinely affordable homes London needs

We'll invest a record £3.15 billion to support 90,000 new affordable homes in the capital. This is the first step on the long road to fixing London’s housing crisis.

2. Increase police funding by £27.8 million this year to maintain police numbers

My first priority is keeping Londoners safe. I’ve done all I can to keep police officer numbers as high as possible in this budget.

3. Launch a new campaign to tackle knife crime

Every death on the streets of London is a tragedy. I’m committing an extra £250,000 for a major new anti knife crime campaign.

4. Tackle London’s filthy air

London’s toxic air is a disgrace and a public health crisis. To tackle it, I’m more than doubling spending on improving air quality from £425 million committed by the previous Mayor to £875 million. I’m also introducing a £10 'T- charge' in October to target the dirtiest vehicles on London’s roads.

5. TfL fares frozen for four years

I’ve frozen TfL fares across London’s transport network for the next four years. This will save an average household £200, putting cash back where it’s needed, in Londoners’ pockets.

6. Concessions protected

We're protecting all concessionary fares on TfL services, including the Freedom Pass and over-60s Oyster card. I will also protect travel concessions for children, veterans, apprentices and people on jobseeker’s allowance.

7. Record investment in public transport

I promise to make all public transport in London fit for the 21st century. I will modernise our transport infrastructure to protect London’s position as a world centre of trade and commerce. I will also invest in the biggest growth in Tube capacity London's ever seen.

8. Safer walking and cycling

Alongside Will Norman, our new Walking and Cycling Commissioner, I’ve launched
Healthy Streets London. It sets out our plans to create safer spaces to encourage more Londoners to walk and cycle.

9.The #Hopper introduced

Last September I introduced the one-hour ‘Hopper’ fare. It means millions of bus and tram passengers can now take two journeys for the price of one within an hour.


Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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