Derelict London tour: Silvertown

06 September 2016

Tim Metcalfe works for architects Pollard Thomas Edwards and shares his experience on the Derelict London tour of Silvertown and The Royal Docks.


Silvertown was born more than a century ago. Located in East London between Canary Wharf and City Airport Silvertown, originally a place of invention Silvertown led the way in nautical engineering and new ways of milling.

On the Derelict London tour, which was led by Paul Talling, we visited iconic buildings including Millennium Mills, the derelict Tate Institute and a Victorian church, now the Brick Lane Music Hall. This area is surreal, and has an edgy yet tranquil ambiance, a treasure-trove of potential. 

Historically, Silvertown was the home of inventions including nautical engineering, new ways of milling and waterproof clothing and undersea cables. It now enters its next stage of innovation and invention and will be home to a new reinvented ‘atelier’ on a grande scale and will become a place where people who make things, can show and share them.

Responsible for the reinvention are The Silvertown Partnership (Chelsfield Properties, First Base and Macquarie Capital) and you can find out more about the future plans of Silvertown visit the website:

You can also find out more about the Derelict London tours, led by Paul Talling, on his website:

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