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06 April 2016

Gavin McLaughlin, Communications Officer for City Hall’s Regeneration Team, introduces the Mayor’s Civic Crowdfunding pilot.

I work in communications for the Regeneration Team. That means it’s my job to tell people about our work. In particular, how local people can access funding from the Mayor to improve their areas.

We finance and manage projects that enhance the local environment in a variety of ways. Stuff like supporting local high street shops, bringing old buildings back into use and providing new jobs, skills and training. We help communities play an active role in shaping London’s future.

At the moment things are a bit quiet at City Hall due to the pre-election period. One project that’s going full speed ahead is the latest round of our Civic Crowdfunding pilot. We’re supporting fresh grassroots ideas to boost local areas – from Londoners, for Londoners, and delivered by Londoners.

Crowdfunding means that anyone can propose an idea for anyone to fund. If enough people give just a small amount, an idea can very quickly come to life.  It means Londoners get a chance to pitch their own ideas for regeneration projects.

Local people then run a crowdfunding campaign and eventually bring the idea to reality. As such, projects need strong local support. The sort of ideas we’re after include making high streets more attract for visitors and businesses, setting up a new market or creating a new cultural feature.

In the last round of our pilot, 18 projects crowdfunded £430,000 from over 2,000 Londoners.

In 2016, the London Regeneration Fund will make £730,000 available for crowdfunded projects.

The Mayor’s Spacehive crowdfunding platform is now open. He will pledge up to £20,000 to the best crowdfunding campaigns. To apply, you must add your project proposal by 1 May.

Please share this blog, tell others, and visit the Mayor’s Spacehive page to join in with this amazing opportunity. Get involved in regeneration and help shape the city’s future!

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