The Government must properly fund our police

06 August 2017

The safety of Londoners is my top priority. Our police officers work incredibly hard often risking their own safety to keep us safe.

Today's Mail on Sunday investigation shows the devastating effects of Government cuts on our police force. Year's of under-investment and real-terms cuts have forced the closure of around four in ten police stations open to the public in the England and Wales at a time when reports of violent crime are on the rise.

Since 2010, huge Government cuts to the Metropolitan Police Service has meant drastic action being taken to protect frontline police officers in the capital. The Met has already had to find £600m of savings since 2010. That is why the number of police station front counters in London has already gone from 149 to 73 and thousands of police staff have been cut.‎

In the coming years, due to further Government cuts we will have to find another £400m of savings plus up to £700m more if the police funding formula changes. That is why we are now having to consult on closing up to half of London's remaining police station front counters. Despite this drastic action, Government cuts are so severe that we may also be left with no alternative but to look at reducing frontline officers if ministers go ahead as planned. 

The Government needs to wake up and see the damaging impact of their cuts on policing in London. They need to properly fund our police so that Londoners are kept safe.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

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