Grenfell Tower National Memorial service

13 December 2017

Today we remember the 71 lives so tragically lost in the Grenfell Tower fire six months ago – the innocent victims young and old, children, parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones.  

Survivors are still grieving and traumatised, many will still be homeless this Christmas, and the community remains frustrated and angry – and justifiably so.  I share their anger and will continue to fight to ensure that they get justice as quickly as possible.

Today is about remembering the many Londoners we lost that night. It is about the families and friends who miss them so desperately.  And it is about a whole community that has been changed forever after that horrendous night. 

I am sure I speak for all Londoners when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with them.  As Mayor, I have been granted Core Participant status in the Public Inquiry and I will not stop until I have done everything in my power to ensure that lessons are learned and nothing like the Grenfell Tower tragedy can ever happen again.

- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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