Happy 5th Birthday Talk London

17 July 2017

Five years ago, we launched Talk London as a space for all Londoners to have their say on the capitals’ big issues. We started off small but now have a growing online community of over 38,000 members.

Together, you all help shape the future of London by responding to our surveys, and starting or joining in with discussions.

Whether you’ve been with us from the start or joined in more recently, thank you for all of your contributions! Let’s have a look at how we’ve made a difference.

The Mayor calls on Londoners to join Talk London

Things you’ve helped to shape

The Ultra Low Emission Zone

Support London’s life science sector during Brexit
Last August, over 15,000 of you took part in the Mayor’s consultation on plans to tackle air pollution in the capital.

The majority of you were broadly supportive of the proposals to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and to introduce a charge on the most polluting vehicles entering central London in order to clean up London’s air.

Things have progressed in each of these areas, with further consultation on the ULEZ and an announcement of introduction of the Toxic Charge (or ‘T-charge’/’Emissions Surcharge’).

Some of the consultation results were even acted on immediately – with the Mayor implementing a programme of air quality alerts to the public on high pollution days, after 4-in-5 Londoners said they’d like to receive them.

The Police and Crime Plan

Have your say on London's Policing and Crime plan
Throughout October and November 2017 almost 8,000 of you took part in our policing and crime survey on Talk London. 

This helped us to understand the issues that are important to you - including how to:

  • improve neighbourhood policing 
  • tackle violence against women and girls
  • keep children and young people safe

Your feedback helped shape the Mayor’s recently launched Police and Crime Plan.

The London Safety Plan

Fire engine
In December and January we invited you to share your views on proposals in the London Fire Brigade’s new London Safety Plan.

Nearly 2,000 of you took the time to respond and helped the London Fire Brigade shape their London Safety Plan for 2017.

Join us

Talk London just got integrated into the main london.gov.uk website as a brand new ‘Have your say’ section. We welcome all Londoners to join in, all you need to do is log-in or register an account.

Add your contributions to hundreds of discussions and thousands of comments and look out for our regular surveys via email.

Over 1,000 of you respond to most surveys and all responses are anonymised, analysed and shared with policy teams at City Hall to help inform their decisions.

To see how you make a difference, check out the Impact section on the Talk London homepage.

Thanks again for all your input. We hope that you'll be keen to stay involved and help us spread the word as we continue to grow.

Talk London achievements

  • 8k
    Contributed to our Police & Crime plan consultation
  • 15k
    Took part in out Clean Air consultation
  • 1k
    To each regular Talking Points survey
  • 2k
    To our London Safety Plan consultation

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