Happy birthday to the Hopper fare

12 September 2018

Happy birthday to the Hopper fare! In its two years since starting in London, tens of thousands of Londoners are benefiting from it every day. 

The Hopper has helped more than 220 million journeys in that time, with the change helping more and more of us save money. 

What is the Hopper fare?

For those who don't already know, the Hopper fare allows passengers to make as many journeys as they like on London's bus and tram network for £1.50 within one hour of starting their journey. 

It is automatically applied to the journeys of anyone who uses pay as you go with a contactless payment or Oyster card, meaning cheaper travel and real savings for millions of Londoners. 

It also means that anyone can change bus routes as part of their journey and not pay an additional fare, opening up more affordable journey options across London.

London’s ‘hop spots’:

  • New data from the TfL has revealed that bus stop P outside Brixton station is now the most popular location for people to use the Mayor's Hopper fare, with over 7,800 Hopper journeys made a week. 
  • Other popular locations include two bus stops outside Elephant and Castle station – which see 7,750 and 7,400 journeys per week respectively – and outside the DLR and Marble Arch station, which sees 6,600 journeys a week. 
  • In terms of popularity, Route 18 remains the most popular bus route to 'hop' onto, with customers making around 4,200 'hops' along the route every day. See the top 20 'hop spots'

Following the Hopper's success, the Mayor also confirmed today that TfL is now in the final testing stages for introducing Monday to Friday Weekly Capping onto the Oyster system. This major upgrade will mean that anyone who uses Oyster will have their weekly travel capped at the cost of an equivalent 7-day Travelcard. It is anticipated that the upgrade will go live by the end of the year. 

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