Improving collaboration across local government digital services

29 November 2018

The new Pipeline tool from Local Gov Digital is one more step towards improving collaboration between local authorities across the UK. The service supports the collection of information about digital services - all the way from Discovery (the initial investigation into the development of the service) to Live (where the service is fully supported and in use by the public).

The Pipeline tool was created with the aim of allowing local councils across the country to record the services they work on, so that other councils can spot opportunities for collaboration. This could include re-using open source projects, combining budgets to build a shared service, or coming together to build a single cloud service that could potentially be used by citizens in hundreds of local authorities.

The Greater London Authority has added a number of digital products to the list, including the following:

Having this data available makes collaboration easier. If two or more authorities are working on similar projects, they could instead work together to build a platform that works for everyone.

It also means that before building or buying a new product an authority can see if a cloud-based or open source tool can be reused for free. A great example of this is the GLA-Ops service mentioned above, which releases its code as open source so that any local council can reuse it to save time and money.

Things are progressing fast in the local government digital space, thanks in no small part to the continuing adoption of the Local Digital Declaration and to initiatives such as the Local Digital Fund. To find out more, you can join the Local Gov Digital Slack, subscribe to the Local Digital newsletter or follow Local Digital on Twitter. 

You can sign up to the Pipeline service to stay up to date on projects. You can also add projects from your organisation to share the great things you are doing and look for collaboration partners.

We look forward to seeing lots of great services there.

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