Junior Morrison taking part in a panel discussion about the value of volunteering.

Junior Morrison talks about what he learnt from HeadStart London

18 January 2017

I joined HeadStart London as I thought it would help me find a new job. I volunteered at a local youth centre that works with kids between the ages of 11 to 15. I loved my time there and still volunteer once in a while when I haven't got work. It's great as it helps me to keep developing my communication skills with those younger than me.

The HeadStart workshops I attended were really beneficial for me. I learnt how to present myself properly and stand out from the crowd. I learnt how to make myself come across as more mature compared to the usual stereotypes of young people.

HeadStart has opened so many doors to me. It's taught me that I am employable and work well with people. I can see the difference in myself and have become a lot more confident in everything I do. This new confidence has inspired me to push myself and start pursuing other goals.

As part of the programme I was offered an interview with New Look. I was thrilled to get a role as a part time sales assistant in one of their stores. Getting the job really helped me to improve my time management skills. As I was also studying full time I learnt to give myself enough time to complete my studies, complete my shifts and still manage to fit in a social life. I no longer waste time and am always doing something productive or fun.

After working at New Look for a year I was promoted to Menswear Manager for my store. I have since been offered a full-time 12 month apprenticeship working within the HR department – I can’t wait to get started this September.

Looking back at how many people got a job from HeadStart London is quite amazing. It's hard for young people to get any kind of paid work so to see so many young people employed proves that HeadStart London really does work. I wish it could be offered to everyone.

HeadStart London

The programme is developed by The Challenge and Team London and is exclusive to NCS graduates in London. It's a chance for graduates to continue their NCS journey and give back to their local community through exciting volunteering opportunities.

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