Lolita Roy. Credit: Museum of London

LDN WMN artworks across London

16 October 2018

LDN WMN artworks have been created by 20 emerging women and non-binary artists, curated by Tate Collective.

Each artwork celebrates a women from the last 100 years.

Olive Morris - Lambeth Archive
The chosen women have played a crucial role in London’s history, but sadly, have been largely overlooked. They include reporter and activist Jackie Forster on Portobello Road, suffragist Lolita Roy in Hammersmith, suffragette Adelaide Knight at Community Links in Canning Town and a large scale work at Southbank remembering the women who built Waterloo Bridge.

Tate Collective are a group of young people attached to the Tate galleries, exploring what art means to young people today - and this is who we hope LDN WMN will reach, as well as other Londoners and tourists.

By working with the Tate Collective, the project has ensured artists who are new to working in the public realm are showcased.  For many, this is their first outdoor work.

As well as the inspirational story of each woman, LDN WMN highlights the Mayor's commitment in his draft strategy 'Culture for all Londoners' to bringing art to London's outdoor spaces and communities for everyone to enjoy.

Amy Johnson. Credit: Popperfoto via Getty Images

LDN WMN has been a real 'yes' project. From the arts and cultural venues and councils who have donated the walls to the artists approached and the GLA staff who have made this project happen in a short space of time - everyone just said yes. Lots of people have been involved in making LDN WMN possible and I am excited to see lots more people enjoy it when we launch on 18 October.

The works will stay in situ for a minimum of two weeks, with many remaining up till the end of the year.

So look out for Una, Winifred, Evelyn, Jackie, Adelaide, Lolita, Marion, Noor, Mala, Joyce, Madge, Myra, Mary, Amy, Valda, Pauline, Eva and Esther, Olive, Irene, Rosa, Jane and the Waterloo women over the next few weeks and months and feel free to celebrate them online.

Find out more about the women and artists.

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