Local Government Digital Service Standard review

10 September 2018

Here at City Hall, we’ve assessed two of our latest projects to find out if we’ve met the Local Government Digital Service Standard (LGDSS). We’ve previously reviewed the Talk London platform.


What is the Local Government Digital Service Standard?

The LGDSS provides us with a mechanism to work out whether what we’ve created is good enough. The LGDSS measures how good our digital services are. Carrying out LGDSS reviews of large digital projects is part of the commitment the GLA made when it signed up to the Local Digital Declaration.


Which services did you assess?

We assessed the Open Project System (GLA-Ops) and the Good Work Standard.

GLA-Ops is a grant system that enables organisations to submit and track bids for GLA funding. It will be implementing the 360 Giving standard and has recently gone open source.

The Good Work Standard is a voluntary scheme where businesses employing Londoners can assess their capability against a set list of initiatives and standards. They can then choose from a variety of methods to assist them in improving their situation. The Good Work Standard was assessed at the end of the Discovery phase.


What did the assessment involve?

The assessment is a simple conversation which aims to answer and evidence how each of the 15 points that make up the Local Government Digital Service Standard have been met.

Following discussions about both projects we wrote reports to summarise the assessments, including recommendations for how each of the services could be improved.


Did the projects pass?

Yes, both projects passed! GLA-Ops scored a fantastic 61 out of 75 (the pass mark is 15 out of 75). The Good Work Standard Discovery scored 47 out of 75.

For details on the marking structure of the LGDSS, read the full reports:


What’s next?

GLA-Ops will continue to provide value to the GLA and its users with its robust process and technology.

The Good Work Standard is making progress in identifying user needs and problems in order to solve them.


Get involved

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. If you work for a London borough council and would like to help us with an assessment, or would like us to help you, please email us at [email protected].

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