London New Year’s Eve Fireworks: a global event!

08 December 2016

London New Year's Eve Fireworks has sold out. However, #LondonIsOpen and is still full of other exciting things to do on New Year's Eve!

It's a sell out!

Thousands of people from around the world have bought tickets for our famous fireworks show. 

The first batch of tickets went on sale on 21 October - by 7 November they'd sold out. A second smaller batch went on sale on 2 December and sold out the same day! 

It’s fair to say that London New Year’s Eve Fireworks is a worldwide hit. In fact, we’ll be welcoming revellers from almost 100 different countries.

The moment tickets were available, Londoners and visitors around the world were busy securing their spot. Some stayed up late, while others gave up their lie-in, just to make sure they’ll have a night to remember!

You may be thinking, ‘Why bother? We’ll just buy a ticket when we get there’. But those organised ticket-buyers were right – you MUST have a ticket to get in on the night and tickets have now sold out.


Where in the world are people coming from?

The country who bought the most tickets was the UK83,773 to be exact! Find out how ticket sales look across the country.

In London 31,758 people bought tickets. Find out which boroughs bought the most.


NYE 2016 - top 20 ticket sales graph

Next 30 countries

21. Denmark

22. Portugal

23. Argentina

24. Singapore

25. Thailand

26. Mexico

27. Malta

28. China

29. Malaysia

30. Finland

31. Indonesia

32. Czech Republic

33. Russia

34. Romania

35. United Arab Emirates

36. Poland

37. South Africa

38. Greece

39. Luxembourg

40. Cyprus

41. Saudi Arabia

42. India

43. Egypt

44. Turkey

45. New Zealand

46. Puerto Rico

47. Philippines

48. Kuwait

49. Slovenia

50. Chile

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