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20 January 2016

Winter finally arrives

December 2015 has gone down in history as one of the wettest, and warmest, on record. However, with cooler conditions forecast we've got some tips on staying resilient in winter.

One of the best pieces of advice is to take advantage of the seasonal flu vaccination. This is available for free to those in identified risk groups, and it's never too late to have the jab! This video dispels some other common myths about Flu.

For more hints on staying safe visit Get Ready For Winter.

Exercise Unified Response (or EUR as we're calling it) 

Tomorrow marks 40 days to go until London's largest ever emergency services exercise, and we'll be working with London Fire Brigade at the launch conference being held at The Guildhall.

Taking place between 29 February and 3 March 2016 at various locations in central and south east London, EUR will involve the response to a major incident and rescue of 'casualties'.

All of London's emergency response organisations including local and national authorities are participating in the exercise; together with specialised teams from across the UK and from Hungary, Italy and Cyprus.

For more updates on the exercise search for #UnifiedResponse on twitter.

Environment Agency

Rivers are all quite high at the moment although the Flood Guidance Statement is currently GREEN for London, with no alerts or warnings in place. The Live EA Flood Warnings Map has up to date information on river and tidal flooding.

Air Pollution

Air pollution levels are forecast to be Low.

Terriorist Threat Levels

The threat levels are unchanged

  • International terrorism – Severe (an attack is highly likely).

  • Northern Ireland related terrorism to Great Britain – Moderate (an attack is possible but not likely)

Talk To Us

For more information about how London is preparing for emergencies, as well as useful advice on steps that you can take to protect yourself follow @LDN_prepared on twitter.

Matt, London Resilience Officer

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