Over 135 runners took part in Team London and GoodGym’s biggest ever ‘Run to do Good’ in celebration of London's year as European Volunteering Capital 2016.

London's Year as European Volunteering Capital 2016

15 December 2016

It’s been an amazing year for London. Our great city also has a new Mayor, Sadiq Khan. He is a passionate supporter of volunteering and believes it hugely benefits young people who do it - particularly inter-generational volunteering.

London was awarded title of European Volunteering Capital 2016 for three reasons. The first was innovations like our website and apps. The second was how we work with London’s businesses and charities. The third was how London created a real volunteering legacy from the 2012 Games.

To harness this momentum, Team London was set up in 2013. Our dream was to make London the volunteering capital of Europe, and we succeeded. Now we’ve had our year, it is Sligo’s turn.

So what next for London? Well the new Mayor has brought a fresh focus on uniting the UK’s most diverse city. Following Brexit, he wants to show the world #LondonIsOpen and remains welcoming.

Sadiq has made Matthew Ryder QC his Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement. Matthew will work to ensure all the many communities in London live truly connected lives. It is important that each and every Londoner can benefit from the opportunities this city has to offer. So Matthew will put social mobility at the heart of the Mayor’s programmes. 

He will also encourage Londoners to be proud, active and engaged citizens. This includes volunteering, mentoring and making sure new Londoners are integrated into our great city.

Sligo - European Volunteering Capital 2017

Sligo has been named as European Volunteering Capital for 2017. A joint application was submitted from Sligo County Council and Sligo Volunteer Centre. The jury commended Sligo on havng 'well thought out and properly resourced volunteering strategies' which can have 'a transformative effect on local communities'. They also refered to the fact that Sligo Volunteer Centre celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2017 and that this designation will give due recognition to that.

Sligo is to stage a spectacular opening ceremony to kick off its year as Volunteering Capital, with acclaimed musicians and volunteers taking centre stage at a January 2017 civic and gala event.

The gala celebration at the IT Sligo Knocknarea Arena will feature VIP guests and specially composed pieces by acclaimed musician Michael Rooney.

The ‘Spirit of Sligo’ celebration event will also feature a selection of inspiring volunteer stories and performances by other artists including Niamh Crowley, Kieran Quinn, Sligo Gospel Choir and the Sligo Academy of Sinfonietta Orchestra.

Highlights from Michael Rooney’s rousing compositions Famine, Battle of the Books, De Cuellar and Macalla suites will be performed alongside a new arrangement of his seminal Prince Charles Suite by traditional and classical musicians.

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