Heena at Wembley Stadium

#LondonSquad Team Talk with Heena

21 January 2020

Can you tell us a little bit about your volunteering experience?

For the last year I have volunteered at an old people’s home and have really enjoyed the experience. I saw the opportunity to volunteer as part of the London Squad and thought it would be a brilliant next step.

What are you most looking forward to volunteering on a major event?

This will be my first major sports event and I wanted to volunteer not because of the actual matches, but because I genuinely enjoy being part of the loving community that makes football what it is. The passion of supporters in everyone’s eyes is truly unique and I think that motivates you to do a better job.

As a Fan Zone Squad Leader, I am most excited about being able to aid my team in delivering exceptional service and care to all those that are travelling to London to witness such an exciting event. By volunteering, I’ll have the chance to meet so many people and I’ll get to share the love of my city in which I have been born and bred.

What do you hope to do in the future and do you think volunteering with the London Squad can help with your aspirations?

In the future, I am planning to work in the field of politics. Though it is quite an academic field I think it is equally important to be personable, connect and gain support of the people using effective organisation and teamwork, all skills I hope to build on from this volunteering experience!

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