Make a dash for Brixton cash

20 April 2016

Brixton Pound (B£) launched in September 2009 as a paper-currency. An electronic pay-per-text version followed two years later. Brixton Pound's Communications Manager Marta Owczarek tells us more…


On 11 April, we unveiled a unique cash machine in Market Row, Brixton. Instead of giving out normal currency, it dispenses Brixton Pound (B£) paper notes. As far as we’re aware, it’s the world’s first local currency cash machine. The notes feature local heroes like David Bowie and pieces of Brixton’s public art. I’ve heard that the Bowie notes have become collector’s items!

Here at B£ we want to showcase what a social economy could look like in Brixton. The currency can only be spent locally. It is now accepted by over 300 independent businesses nearby. The point is to keep money in the area. It also encourages people to support small l retailers. I think it helps build a sense of community too.

Our new cash machine gives local residents and visitors a chance to spend real paper B£s. It was designed and produced by Kind Studio, a local independent creative agency. The project was funded by City Hall’s High Street Fund. This fund is helping both established and new traders in Brixton through a wide range of schemes. It goes hand in hand with the innovative B£ project.

If you want to get your hands on some B£, the cash machine is open from 8am-6pm on Mondays and 8am – 11:30pm Tuesday to Sunday. It’s in Market Row, the covered market between Coldharbour Lane, Atlantic Row and Electric Avenue (and is open the same hours).

To find out more see the Brixton Pound website.

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