Making the GLA an inclusive place to work

03 October 2018

We aim to be a welcoming, inclusive and diverse place to work – but how do we make that happen?

By consistently looking at what we’re doing and thinking about how we can do it better.

Part of this work includes examining the language we use in our policies, to talk about the people who work at the GLA. 

This time it’s HR policies that have been poured over – the HR & Organisational Development team have updated and modernised our language, making sure it’s gender neutral and inclusive.

Our LGBT+ Staff Network have been instrumental in this work, reviewing policies and sharing their lived experiences.

We’ve made language changes across a wide range of policies to ensure that they are inclusive to all staff, regardless of gender expression or gender identity. 

We have also introduced a new Trans and Gender Identity Policy, designed to help us support our trans and non-binary staff.

We worked closely with Stonewall and took onboard their feedback.

What is gender-neutral language and why is it important?

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Some peoples’ gender identities do not fit into the gender binary of male or female. 

By removing gendered pronouns from our HR policies, we are ensuring that all staff – regardless of gender expression or gender identity – feel included.

Emma Fenton, Chair of our LGBT+ Network, shared: “The GLA LGBT+ Network has been proud to support the HR&OD unit’s huge efforts to review the GLA’s HR policies. 

"Throughout the process their focus has been to make sure that our policies are as inclusive as possible. I have been grateful for the opportunity for the LGBT+ Network members – both members of the LGBT+ community and allies – to share their experiences as GLA employees to help shape the policies to make them better for all staff."

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