Liveable neighbourhoods

Mayor and TfL offer £85.9 million to fund greener & healthier public spaces

27 July 2017

London boroughs will have the opportunity to transform their town centres and local neighbourhoods with millions in funding from the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL).

With support from their communities, boroughs can use this funding to make their streets more attractive and accessible, to be enjoyed by everyone.

The new Liveable Neighbourhoods programme will support boroughs to improve health and air quality in their area. They'll have the opportunity to do things like:

  • create new green spaces
  • build or improve infrastructure to encourage cycling
  • widen walking routes so that more people can access local shops, businesses, bus stops and train stations

So Londoners can enjoy or just feel better about walking, cycling or taking public transport. Any improvements will be supported by local people, to make sure it will really benefit their communities.

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