Mayor announces plans to help protect children from toxic air

13 September 2017

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan has announced ‘air quality audits’ at 50 primary schools in the worst polluted areas in London. This is part of the Mayor’s commitment to clean up London dangerously polluted air.

The first school to be audited will be Weston Primary School in Islington. It is near a busy road, Beech Street, where pollution levels are twice the legal limit.

The audits will be completed by the end of 2017 and will be used to identify ways to improve air quality around the schools.

This could include:

  • moving school entrances and play areas away from busy roads
  • 'no-idling' schemes to reduce emissions from cars
  • reducing emissions from boilers, kitchens and other sources
  • changing local roads, including better road layouts, restricting the most polluting vehicles around schools and pedestrianisation around school entrances
  • using greenery like ‘barrier bushes’ along busy roads and in playgrounds to help filter toxic fumes
  • encouraging walking and cycling and improving cycle and walking routes


The Mayor said:

It is shameful that children across London are breathing in toxic air simply by going to and from school.

I am determined to do everything in my power to safeguard their health. These air quality audits are a big step towards helping some of the most polluted schools in London identify effective solutions to protect pupils from toxic fumes.

Since becoming Mayor, Sadiq Khan has made tackling London’s toxic air a top priority. He has doubled funding to £875m over the next five years.

His plans include bringing in new T-charge for the dirtiest vehicles from 23 October 2017 and the world’s first ultra-low emission zone.

Read more about the Mayor’s work to improve air quality in London.

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