The Mayor at the Ultra-Low Emission Zone launch at Museum of London

Mayor calls for pollution weather forecasts

14 September 2017

Television and radio broadcasters should provide pollution forecasts to alert Londoners to dangerous levels of toxic air in the capital.  

The Mayor has written to the BBC, ITV and LBC radio, calling on them to include air pollution forecasts in daily news bulletins and weather reports.

Some 9,000 Londoners die early each year because of harmful particles and gases in the city’s air.

Broadcasters have already done good work in highlighting the threat to public health posed by the capital’s filthy air and I’m keen to see them play more of a role in helping me empower Londoners to reduce their exposure to harmful pollution.

- Sadiq Khan

The Mayor last year introduced a city-wide system to warn Londoners on high pollution days via electronic signs at bus stops, Tube stations and on busy main roads. He also posts regular social media updates to alert people when air quality hits harmful levels.

An £875-million plan to cut pollution over five years will see a £10 Toxicity Charge come into force on 23 October 2017.

The T-Charge will target older, high-polluting vehicles entering inner London to help cut harmful emissions.  

Use the London clean air route finder to find the cleanest route to your destination

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