Mayor calls for 'zero-tolerance' approach to combat acid attacks

04 August 2017

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has called for the Government to introduce a “zero-tolerance” approach to combat the increase in acid attacks.

Acid attacks in London used to be rare but the Mayor is concerned about the recent increase in incidents.

Many recent acid attacks are connected to violent and aggressive organised scooter theft. This is particularly frightening for people who ride scooters in London.

The Mayor wants:

  • tougher sentences for those who carry acid - as the Mayor believes that current sentencing has not kept up with recent developments
  • sentencing guidelines clarified for judges so that those found guilty get the punishment they deserves
  • a clampdown on the sale of corrosive substances in harmful industrial products
  • more support for victims - the impact of acid attacks is devastating given the disfiguring and lifelong scarring caused so extra emotional support is crucial

What the Mayor is doing:

The Mayor is working with The Metropolitan Police to make the streets hostile territory for criminals who  use mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles.

This includes dedicated operations, building intelligence on offenders and ongoing prevention work.

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