The Mayor with representatives from the first 34 organisations to achieve the Mayor's Good Work Standard accreditation.

Mayor launches his Good Work Standard

01 August 2019

The Mayor’s Good Work Standard (GWS) is the flagship programme of the Mayor’s commitment to make London the best city in the world to work. Along with the London Living Wage, the London Healthy Workplace Award and the Employment Rights Hub, it will improve the work lives of Londoners, from all walks of life.

Speaking about the Good Work Standard the Mayor said:
‘I want to make London a fairer city by ensuring that all Londoners get the opportunities that our city gave to me when I was growing up. The Good Work Standard will play a key role in tackling poverty and inequality in London. I’m calling on employers across our city to play their part – to pay the London Living Wage, to pursue greater diversity at senior levels, to achieve the highest standards in wellbeing and training, and to ensure that their workers have a voice in the workplace. City Hall will now do everything possible to ensure that many more employers – in every sector and of every size – sign up to the Good Work Standard.’

High employment standards

The Mayor’s Good Work Standard sets the benchmark for high employment standards with a series of criteria relating to fair pay and conditions, workplace wellbeing, skills and progression, and diversity and recruitment. It covers parental leave entitlements and returning to work, flexible working, financial wellbeing initiatives, the gender pay gap, employee representation at senior decision-making levels, personal development, and career progression amongst other vital elements to employee wellbeing and engagement. 

The practical, measurable criteria were developed in consultation with over 250 businesses of all sizes and sectors, civil society, trade unions, the Living Wage Foundation, and employee representation groups. To date, over 34 employers have signed up and met the benchmark. In doing so they have made a powerful commitment to creating fairer, healthier and more inclusive workplaces, which is crucial in attracting and retaining a diverse, talented and successful workforce.

Resources and support

The Greater London Authority, and all its functional bodies, were among the first organisations to achieve accreditation; demonstrating a fundamental commitment to the wellbeing of staff. The Mayor is working with employers to assist them in adopting best-practice approaches with a range of free resources and practical support. The Mayor’s Good Work Standard is supported by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) which has developed a toolkit for organisations who sign up. 

The official launch was hosted by the Mayor at City Hall, with over 100 attendees from small, local businesses to large multi-national companies. The Mayor spoke candidly of his vision for the Good Work Standard and what it means to him. Representatives from Richer Sounds, CIPD, and UNISON shared their support and perspectives on the importance of the Good Work Standard for employee wellbeing and a fairer economy in London. 

Find out more about the Mayor’s Good Work Standard or see the full list of accredited employers.

For more information, email the City Hall Economic Fairness team.

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