Mayor's Air Quality Fund Launch

21 July 2016

All they want is better air quality, a few green walls and to find all the pokémon. Is that too much to ask? The children of Winston Way Primary School didn't think so as they sang about air pollution to the tune of Jessie J's song "Price Tag" on July 19 at an event where the Mayor announced the launch of his Air Quality Fund Report.

The Mayor's Air Quality Fund (MAQF) is a £20 million fund to support new projects by London Boroughs to improve air quality over ten years.

The first round of funding supported a wide range of projects, including: freight consolidation, green walls, low emission vehicles, reducing pollution from construction sites and digital signs to reduce engine idling.

In round two we awarded £5million across 28 boroughs. Projects started in April 2015 and include:

  • electrifying Hackney Council’s vehicle fleet
  • continuing the London Low Emission Construction Partnership to reduce the industry’s impact on air quality
  • fitting low cost electric vehicle charging points onto lamp columns across Hounslow
  • establishing a green courier service in Waltham Forest providing a same day delivery service using cargo bikes and electric vehicles
  • a variety of infrastructure and communication projects to enhance walking and cycling, and reduce lorry movements

As part of the event, the Mayor announced five Low Emission Neighbourhoods (LENs) to be awarded £1million each to deliver their package of measures to reduce emissions and improve the public realm.


  • 28
    school children
    performing a song about fighting air pollution
  • 120
    at the event committed to making sure London has a clean energy future
  • 9
    London boroughs
    as part of 5 low emission neighbourhoods awarded £1million each
  • 6
    presenting experiences from small businesses, universities & boroughs

What is a LEN?

Despite our regional plans to tackle air pollution such as the upcoming delivery of the Ultra Low Emission Zone, there are a few "hotspots" in London that require extra attention . This is why we created LENs. The aim is for these areas to reduce concentrations across the city. The LENs that will be delivered are:

·         Westminster and Marylebone

·         Hackney, Islington, Tower Hamlets and City Fringe

·         City of London and Barbican

·         Greenwich Town Centre and Trafalgar Road

·         Newham, Redbridge and Ilford Garden Junction 

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