The Mayor’s Low Carbon interns speak out

Sally Dagli, Programme Manager   from the Environment Team recruited six London students to promote the Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition. She caught up with them to find out how it’s been going.

In October, I welcomed six London students to City Hall as the Mayor’s Low Carbon interns.   They’ve since been working hard to spread word about the competition to universities across London. Here’s a few words from each of them, on what they’ve been up to so far…  

William Frogley- Ravensbourne

When I arrived for my interview, I thought I was confident, but I quickly realised I was actually quite nervous - I'd never been in a situation before where I didn't have much of a working background in the job sector of the job I was being interviewed for. Whilst skills translate across, direct experience is of course a very important factor. I think what helped me was, what I would designate as, my passion. I care deeply about the environment, people and the world we are constructing for ourselves; I couldn't let myself miss out on the opportunity to be involved in making the world a better place. It has been interesting to see how an organisation like the Greater London Authority operates internally and to learn about the systems and thought processes behind the scenes that keep where we live running so smoothly.

Deji Gabkinro- Brunel

Being an intern this year has been a very good experience. I am working with a great team of people and it’s been great to be able to bounce ideas off each other. In regards to promoting the competition, the best part of it all for me is when you speak to someone briefly about it and that’s just what they need! The students have loads of good ideas but they don’t know how to take it further. The competition bridges that gap for them as well as having a chance to make a real difference in the future of London. I’ve managed to meet and work with various people in different departments at the universities that I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to otherwise. Overall, this experience has been excellent for me.

Aaliya Deen- Queen Mary

I applied to be a Low Carbon Entrepreneur Intern as I was eager to take part in working towards a more sustainable London. I have always believed the youth to be the front runners in this ambition. Being chosen as an intern and coming into contact with the innovative minds of London’s students has already proven my theory. It also shows that your ideas need not be restricted to the boundaries of your academic subject.

My experience this year has been fantastic. I’ve made great friends from a range of disciplines and universities amongst my fellow interns and ambassadors. I’ve also helped promote this awesome competition! It’s definitely been a perfect opportunity for me as an engineer to put my problem solving mind to good use!

Lena Fauldauer- UCL

Working at City Hall has been an absolutely incredible experience. I applied because this job perfectly complements my studies and future career plans. As a person who flourishes when given responsibility and the opportunity to inspire others, promoting the Low-Carbon Entrepreneur Competition has been a very rewarding experience. The best part of the job is probably presenting the competition to a group of students and seeing the excitement to move things forward and to create a more sustainable London. Not only have I met incredible people from all London universities through this job, but also I feel like I’m part of something with a broader purpose – something I truly love.

Oriana Gascon- LSE

Working at the Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition is quite an intense and rewarding experience. From having to check in with all the activities I’m overseeing day-to-day, to being pushed out of my comfort zone in order to get the desired results, the competition has really boosted my confidence and showed me what working for City Hall is truly like. The most interesting experience I’ve had so far is trying to get students to sign up to our mailing list. I’ve been turned away many times, but the key is to persevere and keep smiling. Offering free lollipops always seems to do the trick! Finally, working with the rest of the interns contributes to my personal growth as we all learn from each other and exchange ideas. It’s very encouraging to know that I’m surrounded by like-minded people who are as committed as I am!

Ondi Tongchaitanawutti- Birkbeck

My first encounter with the Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition was as an Ambassador. Since then I’ve been upgraded, so to say, to the position of Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Intern. What have I learnt so far? Well, I’ve learnt to say “The Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition” really fast without tripping over the syllables or having to pause for thought whilst doing so.

I’m joking of course. On my journey I’ve met and been inspired by many students who always manage to surprise me with their energy, ideas and enthusiasm. I now realise there are thousands of students out there just like them, and they need this competition to help inspire them and reach their potential. Therefore, our quest goes on to ensure that no student misses out on this great opportunity.

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