Mayor's six security red lines on Brexit

19 October 2017

Mayor Sadiq Khan has set out six ‘red lines’ on security to be held to in Brexit talks – arguing these are vital to keeping the British public safe in the face of rising crime and a heightened international terrorist threat.

The six red lines are:

1.  The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) enables vital intelligence sharing to help combat serious crimes including terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking.

2.  The European Arrest Warrant allows Member States to extradite people to stand trial or serve a sentence. Losing it would make it harder to bring suspects back to the UK to face justice.

3.   The Schengen Information System II means countries can share information on people and property through real-time alerts. It was consulted 3.9 billion times in 2016 by Member States and Associated Countries.

4.   EU Passenger Name Records allow the UK Border Agency to check passenger details against watch-lists, making it harder for organised criminals and terrorists to hide their movements.

5.   The European Criminal Records Information System gives the UK access to criminal records throughout the EU, critical in understanding the risk certain individuals represent.

6.   The Prüm arrangements allow authorities to instantly access DNA profiles, fingerprint data and vehicle registrations.

Measures like Europol, the European Arrest Warrant and EU Passenger Name Records have played a huge part in helping our hard-working police and security services foil many plots,” Sadiq said.

“They also help to stop criminals passing from border to border and disrupt serious organised crime, as well as the trafficking of deadly weapons... No deal on these complex security issues is simply not an option.

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