Police officers on motorbikes

Metropolitan Police crack down on rising moped crimes

11 August 2017

With the alarming rise of violent motorcycle attacks and thefts in London, the Mayor wants to assure Londoners that the Metropolitan Police are working hard to crack down on these criminals.

The police are deploying dedicated ground operations, building intelligence on offenders, and using prevention work to make the streets hostile territory for criminals who use mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles for robberies and violence.

Operation Venice, running since 2015, achieved 20 arrests and 69 vehicle seizures in just one day of action.

Other operations are dedicated to 'moped-enabled crime' across London. They have been focused on patrolling hotspots, using strong intelligence to make arrests and working to target gang activity connected to these crimes.

Moped crime is reckless, frightening and intimidating and it will not be tolerated on the streets of London. The Mayor views this crime as an extremely serious offence and fully supports the police to crackdown on perpetrators.

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