National Apprenticeship Week - becoming a Londoner

In light of National Apprenticeship Week, Danielle Jappy, shares her experience...

My first month working for the GLA has passed very fast and I can tick it off my long list of things to do, I finally work for a top organisation in London as an apprentice!

Not only has this been my first month at the GLA but has also been my first month in London – so I’m not just learning about the working life at the GLA, but general life in London too and what is a better way than working in the heart of London for an organisation that plays a huge part in making it such an exciting and popular place.

I believe apprenticeships are becoming a thing of the future and we no longer require a degree to do well in certain specialisms. There is nothing wrong with dropping the full time education after your GCSEs or ALevels and picking up an on the job learning programme. The majority of apprenticeships are supported and advertised by the National Apprenticeship Website and the process is so stress-free – far easier than trying to calculate how many UCAS points away you are from your first choice course at University, and of course if you ever do need to do this painful process, completing an apprenticeship will provide you with more UCAS points qualify.

My first month has been pretty non-stop with training and work too. Having already completed an Apprenticeship program back home in the Midlands, I cannot believe the amount of time and effort that goes into the apprentices at City Hall. The training that is provided in-house is second to none. Everyone is far friendlier than I could have ever anticipated too.

In the short time I have been here I have learnt a number of lessons that not only benefit me in the working environment but in everyday life too! Here’s just a few of those lessons:

  1. Don’t be scared to ask questions (one of the advantages of being an apprentice, you’re learning)
  2. If you don’t know the answer; someone will, they might not even be in your department but that doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the bigger picture and they won’t look at you like you’re from Mars
  3. Hard work pays off; just from speaking to the other apprentices I can see this
  4. There are opportunities out there for young people who are willing to work for them
  5. University is not always the best and most productive way, if you’re anything like me; full time education is not the answer to personal success. Finding something I am passionate about and picking up my education on the side of this was precisely what I needed
  6. If you want to take part, ask. No one can resist someone who just wants to learn and be a part of it all

I’ve learnt so many things in the short time that I have been here and I am so excited for the next couple of months; hopefully this is just the beginning of great things to come!

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