People’s Question Time: all you need to know

07 February 2017

Twice a year, the Mayor and London Assembly visit different parts of London for People’s Question Time (PQT) events. The next PQT is in Sutton on 2 March. If you’re thinking of coming along, here’s all you need to know…

  • If you’re wondering what a PQT event is like, the format is similar to BBC1’s ‘Question Time’ on TV. The panel, in this case, is the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, and the members of the London Assembly.
  • Each PQT event has a chair whose role is to direct the event and choose questions from the audience. The chair is usually the Assembly Member for the local area. So, in Sutton, it will be Steve O’Connell, the member for Croydon and Sutton.
  • PQT gives the Mayor and Assembly a chance to talk about their plans and policies in front of a public audience. That means there’s a set list of standard topics at every PQT event. These include transport, safety, air quality and environment, housing, growing London’s economy and other topics like culture and education.

It’s a great way to see democracy in London whatever you’re interested in. If you do come to a PQT event, it’s a brilliant opportunity to ask the Mayor and Assembly your burning question. If you can’t think of a question beforehand, you might think of one while you’re there.

Even if you don’t, it’s always a lively and interesting evening out. The best way to describe it is, ‘a night to remember!’

It’s also fun and free!

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