Resilience: is it in your DNA?

19 February 2016

Is resilience in our DNA?

We read this BBC article on Resilience during the week. Although it’s about the resilience of individuals and the human mind, it’s interesting to see how much of it extends to communities. Researchers around the world are looking at what makes communities resilient – these include the Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities and the UNISDR Making Cities Resilient programme. What struck us was the similarities between communities and our own minds – the ability bend but not break, and the ability to learn and adapt. 

What do you think? Does your own level of resilience correspond to how prepared you feel for an emergency? Don't forget to take a look at our top tips for preparing your home and family for an emergency.

There are some great examples of community and personal resilience from our colleagues in Scotland. Following flooding this winter members of the community have worked with emergency responders to help the response and better protect themselves in the future. 

Weather and flooding

Met Office 

It could be a bit wet and windy over the coming days, but not enough to cause any major issues. Temperatures are also milder than they have been most of this week, but it looks like they will turn colder again at th start of next week.

There are currently no weather alerts or warnings in force for London. View all weather Alerts and Warnings on the Met Office website.

Environment Agency

There are no flood alerts or warnings in force for London.

The Live EA Flood Warnings Map has up to date information on river and tidal flooding.

Air Pollution

Air pollution levels are forecast to be Low.


Watch this animation on how cold weather can affect our health

Terrorist Threat Levels

The threat levels are unchanged

  • International terrorism – Severe (an attack is highly likely).
  • Northern Ireland related terrorism to Great Britain – Moderate (an attack is possible but not likely).


This weekend sees part closures to the London Overground and Metropolitan Line. There are also planned closures affecting TfL Rail. Check the TfL status updates for more details.

That's it for this week, have a safe weekend.

Matt, London Resilience Officer

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