Share your favourite London tree photos this #LondonTreeWeek

18 May 2015

Katrina Ramsey, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, Environment Team explains how you can get involved with London Tree Week.

London is one of the greenest cities in the world. Busy streets and skyscrapers coexist next to allotments, rivers, parks and gardens. And, to date, 20% of London is covered in trees.

These leafy landmarks are an important part of the city – helping to make it healthier and our days a little brighter. That’s why, each year, London Tree Week celebrates London’s trees. This year it kicks off on Saturday 23 May and runs to 31 May.

We’d like to get you involved in the celebration this time. During the week, go out and snap a photo of your favourite London tree – from the London planes that line your street; to the horse chestnut that shades your favourite spot in the park. Does it frame your photo perfectly? Great! All you have to do is upload the photo to Twitter or Instagram using #LondonTreeWeek. We’ll be sharing our favourite photos on our Instagram throughout the week.

Here are a few photo ideas:

  • What’s your favourite tree?
  • Share a tree that's making a positive difference - does it make your picnic spot nice and shady, your street nice and green, or provide a home for birds?
  • Find the tallest tree you can. Or the widest. Or the oldest
  • Any bizarre bark?
  • Lovely leaves/beautiful blossoms

You can find us on @LDN_environment on Twitter and @LDN_gov on Instagram. If you fancy taking part in a great selection of Tree Week events, see our events calendar to find free tree walks, exhibitions, talks and tours.

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